TRIOPTICS systems improve the development, production and quality control of lenses and optical systems worldwide. The crisis year of 2009 is one of the most successful in the history of TRIOPTICS.
TRIOPTICS expands its product range: The SpectroMaster® for measuring the refractive index and OptiSurf® for center thickness and air gap measurements are developed. When Fisba wants to sell its interferometer division, TRIOPTICS takes it over. Today TRIOPTICS Berlin develops and distributes the interferometers.
Optical measurement technology is also developed for the quality control of intraocular lenses. In doing so, TRIOPTICS successfully enters the market of ophthalmology.
America is a massive market that cannot be handled by a single representative. TRIOPTICS acquires Davidson Optronics in California and establishes TRIOPTICS USA on the same site. India is also an important growth market. TRIOPTICS has been represented in India since 2006 by hpi Instruments.