TRIOPTICS China was founded in 2005 and is responsible for all TRIOPTICS business in PRoChina. Our headquarters are based in Beijing, with three offices in Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen respectively.

We have a highly efficient team of 13 employees, and a special showroom for demonstrations. Here we can demonstrate the latest MTF measurement technology or give a demonstration in centration measurement. We set up a highly competent Team when the company was established and are now achieving excellent performance results.

Today we are a competent partner for our customers, understanding measurement, application and service inquiries. If necessary we discuss such inquiries with our German colleagues to provide you with the best quotation.

After many years of cooperation and training, our team can install most products by itself. Most service cases can also be taken care of by TRIOPTICS China directly or via Asian colleagues.  Continuous, successful service is a core value for us. Therefore we work tirelessly to provide you with professional, faster and reliable service.


Block A, Bldg. 4
Hongtai Industrial Park, No. 2 Yongchang Road,
Yizhuang District, Beijing,
100176, China

Tel.: +86 10 8456 6186
Fax: +86 10 8456 4486