TRIOPTICS GmbH, a leading manufacturer of optical measuring instruments, has opened a regional office with a showroom in Wetzlar.

Direct, fast and expert support as well as professional service are of great importance to TRIOPTICS GmbH, a leading manufacturer of optical measurement systems. In order to further expand this aspect, TRIOPTICS, with headquarters in northern Germany, decided to establish a regional office in the center of the German optical industry in Wetzlar.

The opening initially took place at 1:30 p.m. on September 26, 2016, in an official ceremony with city representatives, Managing Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and the Optence Association (Innovationsnetz Optische Technologien), the Board of Directors of the Wetzlar Network and a representative from Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen. During his welcome speech, the Managing Director of TRIOPTICS Steffan Gold, who has close ties to the Wetzlar region and local companies, emphasized how important this step is for his company: “Wetzlar represents the major location for optical production in Germany. Our new, stronger presence will provide the best possible support to local companies.“ To show this to the company’s customers, they were welcomed at a reception in the new premises at Christian-Kremp-Str. 9 after the official opening.

The new regional office has a floor space of 210 square meters (2,260 square feet) and features a showroom for TRIOPTICS measurement systems. “This allows our customers to obtain information and training on site. It reduces the distances our customers have to travel and allows us to react more quickly to customer requirements,” says Peter Watz, manager of the new regional office. And not only companies in the Wetzlar area will benefit from these advantages. The company generally aims to improve customer retention in the German-speaking countries. Peter Watz adds: ”Wetzlar’s central location is the ideal base for providing customer support all over Germany. You can reach any place from here within no more than five hours. In addition, we ensure perfect coverage for northern Germany through our company headquarters.“


Christian-Kremp-Str. 9
35578 Wetzlar

Phone: +49 6441 4454 - 910
Fax: +49 6441 4454 - 913