ImageMaster Lab AR

ImageMaster® Lab VR - ImageMaster® Lab AR - Optical Performance Testing of Waveguides

The TRIOPTICS ImageMaster® product group is a comprehensive system of measurement devices for determining the imaging quality of optical assemblies. As technological pioneer, TRIOPTICS is the first to offer a flexible testing solution for Augmented Reality Optics. The new ImageMaster® Lab AR measures single components like waveguides and projectors as well as complete AR modules.


  • Highly accurate measurement of waveguides, projector lenses, projectors and AR modules
  • 0.3 s per measurement point
  • Waveguide in transmission
  • Waveguide in reflection
  • Measurement with various pupil sizes
  • Measurement at various eye relief distances
  • Scanning of exit pupil (eyebox scan)
  • Effective aperture scan within exit pupil: Customizable field of view
  • Movable telescopes in x and y direction
  • Adjustable angle of incidence: sample rotation +/- 45° in both directions
  • Software controlled RGB light source for measurement of different wavelengths
  • Tray for sample handling
  • Interface with kinematic mount for quick and repeated loading/unloading of the tray
  • AR modules testing (on request)
  • AR projector testing (on request)Measurement of various pupil distances and sizes


The ImageMaster® Lab AR measures the following parameters:

  • MTF / Contrast on and off-axis
  • Chromatic abberation
  • Efficiency
  • Distortion
  • Relative illumination
  • Homogenity of illumination
  • Veiling glare index (on request)