ImageMaster® PRO VR - Measurement Solution for Testing VR Lenses and VR Modules in Production

The TRIOPTICS ImageMaster® product group is a comprehensive system of measurement devices for determining the imaging quality of optical assemblies. The ImageMaster® PRO VR was specifically developed for the measurement of VR lenses and VR module qualification in production environment. The system measures the MTF, EFL, chromatic abberation and distortion as well as the veiling glare index which is an important figure of merit of VR lenses.

Hauptmerkmale des ImageMaster® PRO VR

  • High end MTF test system for production
  • 1.5 s measurement time per sample (depending on sample), UPH 2340
  • Up to 27 cameras
  • Automatic handling of samples using automated tray system
  • Simulation of human eye
  • Aperture to simulate the special near to eye display requirements
  • Measurement possible for various pupil distances and sizes
  • Off-axis angle continuously adjustable from full FOV 20° to 170°
  • Motorized telescope (+/- 2 dioptres) (on request)
  • Eyebox Scanning (on request)
  • Measurement possible for various wavelengths (RGB)
  • Integration of customer display possible (on request)
  • High intensity light source
  • Suitable for clean room class ISO 5

Messparameter des ImageMaster® PRO VR

The ImageMaster® PRO VR measures the following parameters

  • MTF
  • Distortion
  • FFL
  • EFL
  • Imageplane tilt
  • Depth of Focus
  • Focal Shift
  • Chromatic aberration
  • Veiling Glare (on request)
  • Focus distance, virtual image position (on request)