Typical applications for TRIOPTICS products:


Testing of the Image Quality of Catadioptic Satellite Optics

ImageMaster® Universal

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High- Precision Centration Measurement, Lens Alignment and Assembly of Space Optics in VIS and IR


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High-Precision Center Thickness and Air Gap Measurement within Space Optics


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Compact interferometer


  • Radius and shape measurement of lenses and spherical mirrors, especially with long radii
  • Monitoring of adaptive mirrors (e.g. telescopes)
  • Flexible measurement of flat surfaces and mirrors of 20 to 150 mm diameter

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Manufacturing of Mounted Lenses Where the Lens Could Not Be Fixed with Glue e.g. Space Optics

ATS 100, ATS 200 & ATS 400

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Wavefront and Measurement e.g. for Lenses and Telescopes Mirrors


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