Optical Systems for Defense and Security

Experience the Difference for Mission Critical Optics

Airborne Optical Systems

The use and role of UAVs is growing thanks to longer ranges and multi-purpose applications. However, these systems are now also faced with ever more complex demands. This applies to sighting, target acquisition and reconnaissance systems for fast jets and helicopters longer ranges for target detection and identification at all times of day and night are just one of many challenges. We are therefore seeing ever stricter quality and precision requirements for all components, in particular for optical imaging and detection systems. TRIOPTICS supplies many different devices for the entire spectral range that more than meet these strict requirements.

Ground Optical Systems

Not only do man portable devices need to be small and extremely light, they must also be extremely versatile and high-precision. That is why they use optical systems offering maximum precision. TRIOPTICS has a wide range of innovative solutions for everything from the highprecision measurement of individual lenses and components to the assembly and testing of complex optical systems and camera modules. All devices are easy to use, set new standards in precision and provide the best possible support in all areas from development and manufacturing to subsequent or parallel quality control.

Naval Optical Systems

With decades of experience in the field, one of TRIOPTICS key strengths is the development of innovative solutions for client-specific applications. From high-precision measurement and quality assessment for individual lenses for multispectral sighting and reconnaissance systems to the precise alignment of prisms and other components in complex surveillance systems, TRIOPTICS provides advanced standard and customized solutions for military vessels and submarines.


Centration Measurement, Manual or Automated Lens Alignment and Assembly of Infrared Optics


  • Centration measurement of single infrared lenses
  • Quality control of assembles optical systems with up to 20 surfaces

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Center Thickness and Air Gap Measurement of Infrared Optics


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Straightness Measurement of Pipe Runs and Alignment of Optical Components


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Measurement/Quality Control of Camera Modules

CamTest R&D

  • civil surveillance cameras
  • military applications e.g. night vision devices, reconnaissance drones, etc. (VIS, NIR, LWIR)

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Active Alignment, Assembly and Testing of Camera Modules

ProCam® Align

  • civil surveillance cameras
  • military applications e.g. night vision devices, reconnaissance drones, etc. (VIS, NIR, LWIR)

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High Precision Alignment Turning and Measurement of Mounted Lenses

ATS 100, ATS 200 & ATS 400

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Wavefront and Surface Measurement of Infrared Optics


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Compact Interferometer for Radius and Shape Measurement of Lenses, Spherical, Aspherical and Toric Mirrors and Surfaces


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