Virtual and Augmented Reality

Measurement Solutions from TRIOPTICS

During the last decades digitalization has increasingly influenced our lives. Now the next logical step follows: Our real environment is replaced by digital images or enhanced by digital data.

Virtual Reality (VR) replaces the real environment by a virtual one through looking at a screen mounted directly in front of your eyes in a Virtual Reality Headset. This new digital world reacts exactly the same to head and body movements as one is used to with real surroundings. VR is used for e.g. gaming or driving simulations.

In Augmented reality (AR) additional information is overlaid to your real environment. This data can be linked to real objects like showing the historic building at its original real position or delivering additional information like weather or news.

To optimize technical product realizations TRIOPTICS offers various test solutions for VR and AR applications.


A Measurement Device for Testing VR Lenses

ImageMaster® VR

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Measurement of Glare Spread function

ImageMaster® HR with Veiling Glare Upgrade

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