Precise Camera Module Manufacturing and Testing - Overcoming Critical Challenges

View TRIOPTICS online event discussing the topic of a "precise camera module manufacturing and testing as well as overcoming challenges".

The online event was presented live on November 8, 2018 and had a duration of 60 minutes.

If you have missed the live presentation, you have the opportunity to watch a video recording here.


About the online event:

The increased demand for camera systems used in safety-related and automated object recognition and classification, for instance in the safety & surveillance business and in the automotive industry, results in new and higher requirements for the characterization of camera modules. With ProCam® Align Smart TRIOPTICS offers a solution to actively align, assemble and test complex camera modules in order to control and overcome critical issues in the production.

At the beginning of the event the production process including glue dispensing, active alignment and UV-curing is outlined. Another focus is then on the main challenges during each production step as well as the sample fixation accuracy and the camera connection. In the end the challenge of adhesive shrinkage is explained.

After the live presentation, participants have the chance to place individual questions in a Q&A session.


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