CamTest R&D – Versatile Measurement System for Camera Modules for Prototyping and Quality Control

Upgrade ImageMaster® HR to CamTest R&D

The CamTest R&D is a versatile R&D measurement device for testing various image quality parameters of camera modules. It features a wide off-axis angle range of up to +/-90°. The computer-controlled test target distance can be freely selected from finite distances to infinity using a focusing collimator.

The CamTest R&D can be used for many different types of camera modules and is highly flexible in terms of measurement at different field positions. Configurations for different wavelength ranges (VIS and NIR) are available. This versatility makes the test instrument an ideal solution for comprehensive measurement tasks in R&D environment.

The CamTest R&D is based on the tried and tested ImageMaster® HR, the industry standard for testing image quality of objectives. Due to this fact, existing ImageMaster® HR instruments can be easily upgraded to CamTest R&D devices.

Key Features

  • High flexibility in terms of different types of camera modules as well as possible measurements at different field positions
  • Wide angle range up to +/-90° (up to 110° after individual clarification)
  • Determination of e.g. LSF, MTF, distortion, shift, tilt and defocus of the sensor, longitudinal chromatic aberrations and lateral chromatic aberrations of fully assembled camera modules
  • ImageMaster® HR Upgrade – features the possibility to measure objectives additionally to camera modules
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) provided enabling to connect to all standard interfaces
  • Customized measurement programs can be generated with the existing scripting language, e.g. for data output


  • Final Test of Camera Modules