CamTest Smart – a Very Compact Testing System

TRIOPTICS offers a 100% testing technology for all essential image quality characteristics of camera modules in just one compact system. It integrates all test parameters in one device. Therefore, along with common optical and opto-mechanical parameters such as MTF, SFR, defocus, image plane tilt and rotation, and distortion, the system also covers additional sensor testing parameters, including OECF, dynamic range, white balance, relative illumination, spectral response and more.

Key Features

  • Optimized End-of-Line tester
  • Testing of all essential image quality characteristics of camera modules in just one system
  • Target projection: focusing or fixed collimators, test chart, integrating sphere
  • Flexibility with regard to different camera types
  • Flexible low to mid volume production and R&D
  • Fully automated process
  • Manual and automated loading possible

Measurement parameters

The CamTest Smart measures the following parameters:

  • Image Plane Tilt, Defocus, DOF
  • Boresight Shift, Roll Angle
  • Optical Centre
  • Distortion, EFL
  • Defect Pixel, Particle, FPN
  • OECF, Dynamic Range, White Balance, SNR
  • Relative Illumination
  • Color Rendering, Crosstalk
  • Spectral Response


DOF: Depth Of Focus · EFL: Effective Focal Length · ESF: Edge Spread Function · FPN: Fixed Pattern Noise · LSF: Line Spread Function · MTF: Modulation Transfer Function · OECF: Opto-Electronic Conversion Function · SFR: Spatial Frequency Response · SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio