ProCam® TT – High Volume Camera Production with Smallest Footprint

ProCam® TT is a fully automated system for the active alignment and assembly of cameras, dual cameras and LiDAR systems in mass production. The system is designed for shortest cycle times of less than 12 seconds with the smallest footprint. The automated system can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a production line, as the variable housing allows either manual loading or automatic robot loading. The high-precision active alignment of the camera modules takes place in the submicron range in up to six degrees of freedom and is also suitable for cameras with wide-angle optics with a FOV of up to 180°. The overall control of the system is implemented with standard industrial PLC and safety architecture. TRIOPTICS' proven ProCam® software controls the high-precision alignment and measuring processes.

Key Features

  • Active alignment within sub-micron/sub-arcmin precision
  • Six-axis positioning
  • Wide-angle optics up to FOV 180° (after individual clarification)
  • Cycle time less than 12 seconds / 300 UPH (after individual clarification)
  • Footprint: 1400 mm x 1480 mm x 1875 mm
  • Comprehensive data interface for traceability and analysis
  • Connection to MES and host computer
  • Including the most accurate glue dispensing module and vision control
  • Fastest product changeover in cycle time


Active Alignment of Dual-/Stereo-, Triple-Camera and LiDAR Systems (on request)