Alignment Turning Stations

If you want to produce mounted lenses with the highest possible manufacturing accuracy, you need one of the Alignment Turning Stations from TRIOPTICS. These devices allow the mount edge and the flange surfaces of mounted spherical, aspheric and cylindrical lenses to be manufactured such that the symmetry axis of the mount coincides with the optical axis of the lens. The beneficial design of the equipment ensures that mounted UV or IR lenses are machined with equal accuracy and without limitation.

The ATS series of alignment turning stations combines OptiCentric®, the world's leading centration measurement system, with an ultra-precise turning device. Thanks to the integrated dimensional measurement technique, when machining the mount it is possible to adjust and monitor all relevant parameters such as the diameter or the gap between the lens and the mount's bearing surfaces.

As a result, this procedure makes the assembly of complex objectives much simpler since manual adjustment is almost completely eliminated.

For more information on Alignment Turning please see our Knowledge Base.