ATS 100 - The Compact Alignment Turning Station for Machining Mounted Lenses

Integration of optical measuring technology, mechanical measuring sensor and turning tool: the ATS 100 alignment turning station
ATS 100 with industrial chip extraction

The ATS 100 is a compact and stable alignment turning station optimized for serial production. It machines lenses with a diameter of up to 100 mm and a maximum weight of 3 kg.

Like all alignment turning stations developed by TRIOPTICS, the ATS 100 is a combination of compact and stable turning station and TRIOPTICS' proven centration measurement technology. Lens mounts can be machined so that the symmetry axis of the mount coincides with the optical axis of the lens assembled in the mount. With ATS 100, it is possible to achieve a repeatability of better than 2.5 µm. In addition, the front and rear flange surfaces of the mounted lens can be adjusted to the target distance in order to correct the air gap between the lens elements. The current temperature is taken into account in all machining steps and included in the cutting process.

The entire structure of the ATS 100 is based on a mineral composite base and is equipped with an automated alignment chuck, precision roller bearings, the autocollimator and other measuring technology. An industrial chip extraction system is provided for easy cleaning of the working chamber.

Key Features

  • Alignment turning station for machining mounted lenses up to a diameter of 100 mm with a repeatability of better than 2.5 µm
  • Machining frame materials of brass, aluminum, steel and NIP
  • Automated alignment chuck for precise alignment of the mounted lens
  • Intuitive operation: one software solution combines all measuring and machining procedures
  • Measurement of both lens surfaces with an autocollimator with MultiLens software module
  • Integral measurement technology: mechanical and optical distance sensors, OptiSurf® low-coherence interferometer, second autocollimator
  • Mineral Composite base for stability
  • Advantages of the vertical setup: Prevents the spindle causing a tilting moment during machining, reduced footprint, convenient loading and unloading
  • Wear-free, aerostatic axes guarantee accuracy


  • Alignment turning of mounted lenses with a diameter of up to 100 mm and a weight of up to 3 kg