ATS 200 - The First Alignment Turning Station with Fully Integrated Measurement Technology

ATS 200 maching a mounted lens
ATS 200 maching a mounted lens

The ATS 200 was developed with the aim of simplifying the alignment machining of mounted lenses for the user.

The ATS 200 is a combination of a compact and extremely stable turning machine and TRIOPTICS' proven centration measurement device, the OptiCentric®. The ATS 200 is used to machine lens mounts so that the symmetry axis of the mount coincides with the optical axis of the lens assembled in the mount.

The integrated gauges of the ATS measure the diameter of the mounted lens
The integrated gauges of the ATS measure the diameter of the mounted lens

The integrated sensors increase the accuracy of the ATS 200


Using an integrated sensor, both the front and rear contact surfaces of the mounted lens can be measured with high precision and then machined. Air gaps between the lenses can be adjusted with high accuracy. The combination of turning machine and centration measurement technology means it is possible to manufacture mounted lenses with a centration error of less than 1 µm.

Key Features

  • NEW: Choice between two kinds of spindles:

    • Aerostatic spindle with a typical run out error <0.15 µm
    • Hydrostatic spindle for heavy cells, hard materials and larger infeed with a typical run out error of <0.2 µm

  • NEW: Automated plano-calotte alignment chuck  for the precise alignment of the mounted lens
  • Best specification for alignment turning of lenses up to 200 mm diameter
  • Widest range of applications in the class for mounted lenses up to 200 mm diameter: Spherical, aspherical and infrared lenses, measurement of center thicknesses and flange surfaces
  • Integral measurement technology: mechanical and optical distance sensors, OptiSurf® low-coherence interferometer, second autocollimator
  • Intuitive Usage: One software solution for all measurement and machining processes
  • Optimized granite setup increases rigidity and thermal stability in the working area
  • Advantages of the vertical setup: Prevents the spindle causing a tilting moment during machining, reduced footprint, convenient loading and unloading
  • Wear-free, aerostatic axes guarantee highest accuracy
The automated alignement chuck aligns the optical axis of the mounted lens with respect to the rotation axis
The ATS 200 AspheroCheck-Module measures the position of the asphere axis with respect to the rotation axis. Then the alignment chuck aligns the asphere axis with respect to the rotation axis.


ATS 200 inside view
ATS 200 inside view

The alignment turning procedure has a very broad range of applications, from the smallest lenses used in microscope optics through to lenses for i-line steppers. The ATS 200 and ATS 400 alignment turning stations allow the manufacturing of almost all types of mounted lenses:

  • Lenses for stepper optics
  • Lenses for microscope and endoscope optics
  • Mounted infrared lenses for safety applications
  • Mounted aspherical lenses
  • Lenses and components for high-quality digital camera lenses
  • Lenses which cannot be glued in cell, e.g. for space applications
  • Imaging optics for UV applications
  • Optical assemblies with very high accuracy requirements