ATS 400 - High-Precision Alignment Turning of Mounted Lenses

Inserts for lathe centering of mounted lenses
Inserts for lathe centering of mounted lenses

The ATS 400 is currently the largest alignment turning station in the ATS range and was developed in cooperation with LT Ultra. It is especially suited to alignment turning of large workpieces. It is characterized by its ultra-stable, vertical design and the built-in OptiCentric® measurement system. The ATS 400 is unique in its class and especially suited for high-precision alignment of large workpieces with a diameter of up to 400 mm.

Key Features

  • Unrivaled manufacturing accuracy: lens centration of better than 0.5 μm
  • Combination of turning machine and the world leader OptiCentric® measurement system
  • Mounted lens is measured from both sides: as a result measurement is faster and more stable and non-transparent lenses can be measured
  • Additional equipment with tactile and optical sensors
  • Vertical design of the ATS 400 means it can hold heavy samples up to 30 kg with large diameters up to 400 mm
  • Ultra-precise axes with hydrostatic bearings, high rigidity for processing steel and Invar cells
  • Intuitive, manual adjustment of the lens, because the chuck's shift and tilt functions are separate from each other (plan/calotte principle)


  • Lenses for stepper optics
  • Lenses for microscope and endoscope optics
  • Mounted infrared lenses for safety applications
  • Mounted aspherical lenses
  • Lenses and components for high-quality digital camera lenses
  • Lenses which cannot be glued in cell, e.g. for space applications
  • Imaging optics for UV applications
  • Optical assemblies with very high accuracy requirements