OptiSurf® LTM - Non-contact and Precise Lens Thickness Measurement

In optics production, precise optical systems require high quality in single lenses. With the OptiSurf® LTM, TRIOPTICS has developed a non-contact center thickness measurement system for single lenses which integrates outstandingly into every production.

Center thickness measurement using low-choherence interferometry:

The self-centering clamping chuck is easily adapted to different diameters:

For measurement of small samples a second self-centering clamping chuck is optionally available:

  • Standard clamping chuck for lens diameters of 8 mm to 200 mm
  • Micro clamping chuck for lens diameters of 1 mm to 30mm

Key Features

  • Optimized for center thickness measurement of single lenses in production
  • Integrated touch screen for easy operation
  • USB interfaces for bar code scanners and other auxiliaries
  • Self-centering, mechanical clamping chuck
  • Vibration damping


  • Non-contact center thickness measurement of single lenses and doublets
  • Thickness measurement of optical elements
  • Measurement of sag value



Optik & Photonik 2018:
Non-Contact Measurement Brings Decisive Optimization
How non-contact center thickness measurement of lenses can improve production flow
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Application Report 2018:
OptiSurf® LTM Increases Production Efficiency at Pfeiffer Präszisionsoptik
TRIOPTICS' solution for non-contact lens center thickness measurement significantly reduces reject volume
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