TriAngle UltraSpec - High Precision Electronic Autocollimator

TriAngle® UltraSpec for highest measurement accuracy
TriAngle® UltraSpec for highest measurement accuracy

The electronic autocollimators of the TriAngle UltraSpec series represent high-precision angle measurement systems for extremely high demands on angle resolution and measurement accuracy.

Key Features

  • Mechanically and thermally optimized design
  • Calibrated with PTB angle standards and supplied with test certificates and individual calibration curves
  • Consistently guaranteed traceability of the measuring results to international standards of the angle measuring variable
  • Available with 300 mm and 500 mm objective focal lengths
  • A variable measuring range and accuracy performance of up to 0.05 arcsec depending on the focal length
  • Permits precise and reliable measurements even under difficult conditions
  • Superbly corrected objective lens of minimum distortion and a high resolution
  • Digital CCD camera with extremely low sensor noise
  • Stabilized high power LED illumination
  • OptiAngle 6 Software


TriAngle® UltraSpec measuring straightness of linear stages
TriAngle® UltraSpec measuring straightness of linear stages
  • Calibration laboratories
  • Semiconductor equipment manufacturing
  • High-energy physics
  • Laser physics
  • Space science

Therefore, TriAngle® UltraSpec autocollimators are used for high-end measuring, testing and adjustment processes where highest precision and reliability in angle determination are required, for example:

  • Adjustment and verification of the straightness of linear stages
  • Run-out measurement of rotary tables
  • Measurement of large-area surface flatness
  • Alignment of optical components*
  • Alignment of machines and equipment
  • Stability studies
  • Tilt angle measurement
  • Wedge angle measurement in double pass
  • Wobble measurement

* limited for multiple reflexes

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