TriAngle Very Large Field

Traditionally, autocollimators are limited to a very small measurement range of about 1° or less. Their strength is to measure small angular changes very accurately. In contrast the TriAngle VLF autocollimator has been designed for applications requiring a large measuring range without compromising the measurement accuracy and resolution. This is facilitated by a proprietary and unique optical design and tailored software algorithms.



Key Features

  • Large measuring range of up to 10° (+/- 5°) without compromising the measurement accuracy
  • Special reticle and optimized imaging optics
  • OptiAngle 6 Software


  • Application that require large measuring range
  • Line-Of-Sight (LOS) pointing and tracking measurements
  • ADAS Lidar scanner measurements
  • MEMS scanner inspection and calibration
  • Gimbal angle calibration
  • Precision optical and mechanical alignment        
  • High precision tilt angle measurement
  • Wobble Measurement
  • Angle calibration tasks

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