SpectroMaster® HR Compact - High Precision Manual Goniometer-Spectrometer

The SpectroMaster® HR Compact Goniometer-Spectrometer uses refractive optics and is therefore limited to the visible spectral range from 365nm to 1014 nm.

The high accuracy of this instrument is achieved by special focusing optics, so that the telescope and the collimator can be focused to best collimation at the specific measurement wavelength.

The manual SpectroMaster® HR Compact employs a differential micrometer screw for the greatest sensitivity and accuracy during the manual adjustment of the telescope angle. Due to the sophisticated software assistance and alignment indicators, it has been proven that manual operators can reach the same high accuracy of the motorized version but at the cost of reduced measurement speed.

Key Features

  • System accuracy for refractive index measurement:
    5x10-6 (sample size at least 10 mm)
  • System accuracy for angle measurement:
    ±0.5 arc sec
  • Manual air bearing rotary table with axial and radial run-out errors smaller than 0.05 µm
    Focusable collimator and focusable autocollimator for a wide spectral range
    HgCd spectral lamp with spectral lines
    between 404.6 nm and 643.8 nm as standard and  optionally between 365 and 1014 nm
  • Spectral lamp covering the spectral range from 365 nm up to 1014 nm


SpectroMaster® Goniometer-Spectrometers are used for high-precision determination of the refractive index and dispersion of optical glass and crystalline materials in the UV, VIS or IR spectral range.