SpectroMaster® HR Universal - High Precision Automatic Goniometer-Spectrometer

SpectroMaster® Universal high precision automatic spectrometer-goniometer
SpectroMaster® Universal high precision automatic spectrometer-goniometer

The SpectroMaster® HR Universal Goniometer-Spectrometer is the most accurate refractive index measurement system currently on the market. This accuracy is the result of ultra-high precision components like the motorized air bearing rotary table or the high-class mirror optics and the high-quality manufacturing including careful inspection of all relevant parameters. The motorized goniometer is equipped with backlash-free piezo motors of negligible power dissipation for optimum thermal stability.

Key Features

  • Most accurate refractive index measurement system currently on the market with an accuracy of:
    UV 195 nm – 365 nm 3x10-6 
    VIS 365 nm – 1014 nm 2x10-6
    SWIR 1014 nm – 2325 nm 5x10-6
  • Motorized air bearing rotary table with axial and radial run-out errors smaller than 0.05 µm
  • High precision piezo motor drive
  • High measurement speed and high positioning accuracy
  • High performance off-axis parabolic mirrors with surface quality better λ/10
  • Off-axis mirror collimator and autocollimator with infinity setting
  • Geometric beam splitter design ensures wavelength-independent focusing over the full measurement range of the CCD
  • UV-enhanced coating for best reflectivity over the full spectral range of 195 - 2325 nm
  • Additional photo detectors are included besides the CCD. A cooled PbS-detector is used for the infrared and a photomultiplier for the UV .
  • A motorized filter changer wheel can be equipped with up to 17 narrow bandwidth interference filters for easy selection and identification of the measurement spectral line
  • Set of spectral lamps covering the spectral range from 195 nm up to 2325 nm
  • Complete instrument rack for all supply and control boxes


SpectroMaster® Goniometer-Spectrometers are used for high-precision determination of the refractive index and dispersion of optical glass and crystalline materials in the UV, VIS or IR spectral range.