Customized Interferometer Systems

µPhase® integrated into a turning machine
µPhase® integrated into a turning machine

TRIOPTICS offers extensive support for specialized systems for applications beyond the scope of standard measuring systems. The μPhase® is very versatile with its high modularity and the compact design of the interferometer. This means that customized solutions for special measurement tasks can be implemented on the basis of standard components. The required components are selected and, if required, additional made-to-measure components and software modules are developed by our application and software engineers.

Key Features

  • Fast and non-destructive single-shot measurements
  • High resolution camera
  • Easy adaption to different sample reflectivities (µPhase® 1000 only)
  • Ability to focus on sample surface (µPhase® 1000 only)
  • Second Camera for alignment
  • Compact size and modularity
  • Robust, dust-proof housing
  • Integration in production machines and production lines easily possible
  • Standard measuring wavelength 632.8 nm;
    customized versions measuring at wavelengths
    from 355 nm to 1064 nm on request
  • Well-structured and comprehensive software supports both production and laboratory use

Applications (selection)

  • Measurement of flat, spherical, cylindrical, toric and aspherical surfaces in reflection
  • Absolut radius measurement of  spherical, toric and aspherical  lenses
  • Measurement of wave fronts in transmission
  • Tool offset measurements directly in ultra-precision diamond turning machines with no need for time consuming and error prone replacement and alignment of the sample
  • Measurements  of contact lenses and molds
  • Adaptive mirror testing
  • Testing of numerous high-precision non-optical components like

    • Fiber end-faces
    • Laser diode facettes
    • Balls of different materials
    • Heat sinks
    • Seal surfaces (e.g. metal, ceramic and synthetic materials)

  • Automotive applications, e.g. measurement of fuel injection nozzles
  • Medical applications, e.g. testing of artificial hip-joints