ImageMaster® Cine Flex - MTF Testing Service and Adjustment of Cine Objective Lenses

The ImageMaster® Cine Flex is the perfect choice, when a very flexible system is needed. The user benefits from a quick change between different sample sizes. Measurements with the ImageMaster® Cine Flex can be performed on-axis and off-axis. The simultaneous measurement of two off-axis positions with live MTF values allows for quick adjustment of lens elements to optimize the lenses optical performance.

Key Features

  • Very flexible system
  • Adjustment for different sample heights with motorized stage to move the entrance pupil of the sample in measurement position
  • Measurement with sample rotation (manually or motorized)
  • Performance check on multiple field positions: 2 to 3 motorized telescopes adjusted to infinity - MTF at infinity conjugate
  • Off-axis angles up to 52.5°
  • Horizontal and vertical measurement set up: allows identification of loose lenses
  • Software with Lens repair function


The ImageMaster® Cine Flex measures various parameters, e.g.:

  • MTF on and off axis
  • Effective Focal Length (EFL)
  • Flange Focal Length (FFL)
  • Field curvature
  • Tilt of image plane
  • Depth of Focus (DOF)
  • Astigmatism
  • Focal shift