ImageMaster® Endo PRO - Testing of Imaging Quality of Endoscopes

In the production of medical endoscopes, the reliable quality control of the imaging quality is indispensable. With the new ImageMaster® Endo PRO, all relevant measuring parameters can be measured automatically in a single measurement process. This allows efficient quality control in production including the issue of a measurement certificate This highly flexible system measures endoscopes with an eye piece as well as those with a C-mount camera adapter.

This user-friendly software offers numerous functions that automate the measurement process, thus making it independent of the operator. For serial measurements of the same endoscope type, the setup times are less than one minute. With a measurement time of two and a half minutes for all standard measuring parameters, this means that up to 17 endoscopes can be measured per hour.

Another feature is the motorized object generator that can seat up to three different reticles at the same time and that travels automatically when the endoscope type changes. In addition, the motorized object generator allows the quick adaptation to endoscopes with different viewing perspectives of 0° to 90°.

Key Features

  • Testing of imaging quality of endoscopes
  • Issue of a measurement certificate
  • All measuring parameters are measured in one measurement process
  • User-friendly software and automated measurement process
  • Motorized object generator for quick setup of various endoscope types


The following measuring parameters can be measured:


  • MTF on-axis and off-axis, sagittal and tangential
  • Through focus MTF
  • Line spread function
  • Viewing perspective
  • Field of view
  • Apparent field of view
  • Astigmatism
  • Distortion
  • Magnification
  • Diopter adjustment
  • Runout circle


  • Vignetting
  • Lighting