MTF-PRO the Software for MTF Testing

The recognized ImageMaster® PRO software, called MTF-Pro, has been further improved. It features increased speed, advanced performance and clearly displayed test results. The optimized MTF algorithms are the result of the continuous improvement and TRIOPTICS years of experience in the field of MTF measurement.


  • Automatic pass or fail results based on a multitude of freely selectable criteria
  • Software enabling real-time images of all cameras.
  • Individual setting of spatial frequencies for each camera
  • Settings to enable focusing curve for on-axis and/or off-axis cameras
  • Three security levels: setup files and critical functions are password protected
  • Storage of lens and batch data, data analysis via Excel
  • Intuitive graphical representation of the measurement data in order to detect lenses out of specification at an early stage
  • Polar diagram for displaying MTF symmetry in image field