ImageMaster® PRO 10 - MTF Testing with Outstanding Speed and Performance

Measurement chamber with up to 25 cameras
Measurement chamber with up to 25 cameras

As a result of various improvements the ImageMaster® PRO 10 enables customers to significantally increase their yield. It is the fastest and most accurate MTF measurement system on the market for qualifying mobile phone lenses and other miniature lenses. Besides the new software architecture and functions, the more precise mechanical components lead to best performance in accuracy, reliability and measurement speed. Faster MTF algorithms reduce the test cycle time so that an outstanding throughput is achieved.

The ImageMaster® PRO 10 features a 15% increased productivity compared to the ImageMaster® PRO 9.

The new ImageMaster® PRO 10 also provides additional measurement functions. For example, measurements at different frequencies and RGB measurements can be performed to determine chromatic aberration. An upgrade of four additional cameras allows the measurement of relative illumination for testing the homogeneous illumination of lenses in the field.

The exceptional innovations make this MTF production tester ready for future needs and upcoming high resolution megapixel lenses.



Key Features

  • Less than 1.3 seconds measuring time per sample or 2700 UPH
  • Measurement time independent from amount of cameras and measurement parameters
  • Excellent accuracy: 1.5% MTF off-axis
  • Measurement traceable to international standards
  • Outstanding quality of components
  • Vibration insulated measurement chamber
  • Up to 49 measurement points in 27 field positions (cameras)
  • Cleanroom compatible

Measurement Parameters

ImageMaster® PRO 10 for ultra-fast MTF testing, measures the following parameters:

  • MTF on and off axis
  • MTF at best lens performance (tilt correction)
  • Multi frequency MTF measurement
  • Effective Focal Length (EFL)
  • Flange Focal Length (FFL)
  • Field curvature
  • Tilt of image plane
  • Depth of Focus DOF
  • Best focus position
  • Astigmatism
  • Relative distortion
  • Chromatic aberrations