ImageMaster® Afocal – Telescope Test Bench

For image quality testing of optical afocal systems TRIOPTICS has developed the new telescope test bench ImageMaster® Afocal. The horizontal measurement system is well suited for typical afocal samples like telescopes and riflescopes. With additional options and dedicated sample holders it is upgradeable for measurement of binoculars and spotting scopes.

The ImageMaster® Afocal measures at infinite and finite conjugates
The ImageMaster® Afocal measures at infinite and finite conjugates. A collimator (A) simulates a distant object which may be located at infinity or some closer distance. A motorized video telescope (C) views the image created by the sample (B).

In its standard configuration a wide range of parameters such as MTF or magnification is easily measured with the ImageMaster® Afocal. With its focusable collimator also specific measurements like parallax (free distance) can be performed easily and with little effort.

Key Features

  • Horizontal measurement system for measuring image quality of optical afocal Systems (e. g. riflescopes and binoculars)
  • Measurement Process: manual or fully automated
  • Measurement at infinite and finite conjugates
  • ImageMaster® MTF Lab Software


The ImageMaster® Afocal test bench measures the following parameters:

  • MTF on-axis and off-axis
  • Magnification
  • Distortion
  • Lateral chromatic aberration
  • Longitudinal chromatic aberration
  • Astigmatism
  • Field curvature
  • Parallax (Alignment check of reticle)
  • Field of View; objective & subjective (Optional)
  • Eyerelief (with optional autocollimator)