MTF-Lab Software for ImageMaster® HR

MTF-Lab Screenshot
MTF-Lab Screenshot

TRIOPTICS has developed a new forward-looking software package.

Several useful functions are integrated which help the user to scan and perceive the correct image position of the sample under test. Changing the measurement mode is easy and time-saving. All important measurements for the imaging properties have been revised and are quickly accessible.
ImageMaster® R&D Line Software LAB provides powerful features to support the user in optimizing the measurement process.

  • Measurements of MTF, EFL and a range of other parameters using special target patterns and dedicated software routines
  • Functions for easy alignment of the sample under test
  • Conventional MTF measurement using a single slit or a crosshair as a target
  • Optionally automated selection and positioning of the suitable reticle (target) and filter for the current application
  • Configuration files with optimized process parameters and password protected access for operator and supervisor
  • Script tools for custom programming and analysis 
  • Intuitive user interface and time-saving lens test routines
  • The certificate in HTML format can be imported into MS Excel