Upgrades & Accessories

TRIOPTICS is continuously improving the ImageMaster® HR and offers a wide range of possible options and upgrades.

ImageMaster® HR Accessories
ImageMaster® HR Accessories

Upgrades and accessories for VIS and IR range

  • Motorized ultraprecise sample holder with a radial runout better than 3 μm / 6 arcsec for more accurate measurements of tilt sensitive samples
  • Additional filters and reticles
  • Extensions of nearly all stages to suit the customer’s Needs
  • Easy conversion into a versatile measurement device for camera modules by means of the ProCam Test R&D upgrade >> more Information


Upgrades and accessories for VIS range

  • Motorized finite conjugate stage with manual or motorized object generator. The motorized object generator illuminates the reticle in the direction of the sample for off-axis measurements. This is needed for small samples or low light conditions
  • Various collimators with focal length and clear aperture for high flexibility
  • Motorized reticle and filter changer for infinite conjugate to measure with least interaction of an operator. The lateral chromatic aberration can be measured more accurately as the filter will be changed automatically with no vibration of a manual change

Veiling Glare Upgrade

  • With the veiling glare upgrade for ImageMaster® HR it is possible to measure the Glare Spread Function (GSF). By off-axis measurements and rotation of the specimen around its center, the GSF can be measured over the entire field of view of the sample

Versatile Measurement Systems for Lenses and Camera Modules

TRIOPTICS provides customers maximum versatility offering a combined test system. The three exchangeable measurement heads offer the following possibilities:

Upgrade ImageMaster® HR to ProCam® Test R&D
Upgrade ImageMaster® HR to ProCam® Test R&D

ImageMaster® HR
Image quality measurement of lenses with following parameter:

  • MTF on-axis and off-axis
  • Effective Focal Length (EFL)
  • Flange Focal Length (FFL)
  • Back Focal Length (BFL)
  • Distortion
  • Field Curvature
  • F-Number
  • Depth of Focus
  • Lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberrations
  • Astigmatism
  • Relative Transmission
  • Relative Illumination
  • Field of View
  • Chief Ray Angle
  • Veiling glare

ProCam® Test R&D
Image quality measurement of camera modules with following parameter:

  • Line Spread Function (LSF)
  • MTF
  • Distortion
  • Effective Focal Length (EFL)
  • Shift, tilt and defocus of the sensor
  • Image field curvature of the lens
  • Lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberrations