MTF-Lab Software for ImageMaster® Universal

MTF-Lab Screenshot
MTF-Lab Screenshot

TRIOPTICS has developed a new forward-looking software package.

 One main feature is the support of UV or IR detectors employing the scanning aperture method. Several useful functions are integrated which help the user in scanning and perceiving the correct image position of the sample under test. Changing the measurement mode is now easier and time-saving. All important measurements for the imaging properties have been revised and are quickly accessible.


  • Striking new and easy to handle graphical user interface makes the most important functions only one mouse-click away
  • Customizable arrangement of graph windows
  • Script tools to create automated user defined measurements including high-level programming functions such as stage controlling, data manipulation, loops and variables
  • Data export to a variety of file formats
  • Logging of successive measurements
  • Making up certificates using the hypertext language protocol (HTML)

All these features make the ImageMaster® MTF-Lab software package the preferred choice for R&D and laboratory work. The software is designed to work under Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.