OptiSpheric® AF 500 INV - Quick and accurate measurement of effective focal length and flange focal length

Optimized for the production of camera lenses, the OptiSpheric® AF 500 INV from TRIOPTICS provides a compact system that is specifically designed for measuring flange focal length and effective focal length. The secure accommodation of lenses up to 300 mm long by means of customer-specific sample receptacles – usually a bayonet connection – and the Vibration-damped granite table provide the ideal prerequisites for precise measurement results.

Key Features

  • Quality control of lenses up to 300 mm long
  • Compressed air dampened granite table allows for measurements independent of the environment
  • High measurement accuracy of BFL, FFL and ROC through the use of precise length measurement
  • High repeatability through the use of exact linear axes
  • Stable and precise placement of the camera lens through the use of customer-specific bayonet connections and manual XY displacement
  • Fast intermediate testing of single elements via a self-centering, customer-specific and easily exchangeable holder
  • Compact, sturdy and independent measurement station without externally moving parts for secure handling


  • Optics manufacturing, particularly camera lens manufacturing
  • Medical technology
  • Digital and mobile phone cameras