OptiSpheric® IOL R&D Software

OptiSpheric® IOL software for an extensive testing in R&D
OptiSpheric® IOL software for an extensive testing in R&D

The software is simple and intuitive to use. All aspects of the data acquisition process, such as the initial referencing, control of the efficient and powerful autofocus system and calculation of the data, are controlled by the software and are fully automatic. The results are displayed in a clearly structured, easy-to-read format. The software package features menu-based user guidance and practical and convenient data management.

Key Features

  • Simplified operation due to predefined measuring procedures for various IOL types

  • Quick system setup in just a few clicks

  • Flexible and modular menu navigation that can be customized for different users (production, laboratory, administrator)

  • Readily understandable measurement results through graphic displays and real-time display of the camera image

  • Software-based correction of the refractive power in the case of temperature differences and/or longitudinal spherical aberration

  • Efficient data input and output via database communication and optional link with barcode Reader

  • Different modes enable the generation of individual, user-defined scripts for the measurement process, among other functions