OptiSpheric® Software

The advanced software is designed to work under Windows operating systems and fulfils the need of the optical industry for easy, intuitive operation. It offers a high level of speed and accuracy and provides consistent, reliable results.

The software module of OptiSpheric® is part of the TRIOPTICS concept of Integrated Optical Testing. Any need for additional measurement capabilities can be simply fulfilled by enabling software features from related products (e.g. Opti- Angle® for angle measurements, OptiCentric ® for measurement of Centration errors, etc...). This modular approach enables OptiSpheric ® to be configured or upgraded according to the operator’s requirements.

  • Automated selection and positioning of the suitable reticle (target) for the current application
  • Set up files with the optimized process parameters with password protected access for operator and supervisor
  • Script tools for custom programming and analysis –ideal for R&D laboratories
  • Main functions can be controlled thanks to a dedicated mini-keyboard, so that even unskilled operators can provide reliable measurement results in production environment
  • Data export to Excel compatible Format
  • Simultaneous measurement of the EFL and MTF using special target pattern and specific software calculation
  • Alternative MTF measurement using a slit or a pinhole as a target. While the slit based MTF measurement is accurate, it shows the optical performance in one azimuth only. The pinhole based MTF measurement provides information over all azimuths directions of the lens and is ideal for real time alignment during assembly of objective lenses.