The user-oriented software SpheroPRO was designed to fully meet the requirements in real-life applications. The intuitive user menu permits the easy, quick and error-free determination of the radius of curvature of lenses via pre-configured measurement programs. The current test step can be controlled directly by a schematic representation of the measured radius of curvature (concave or convex). Quality control is performed by means of a continuous statistical analysis of values.

Key Features

  • Very easy handling through pre-configured measurement programs for various applications, e.g.: test tube and single surface measurements
  • Fast check of test step and measurement process for plausibility through schematic representaiton of radius of curvature (convex/concave) and current number of measurements
  • Continuous quality control through statistical analysis of measurements, including mean value, standard deviations and pass/fail Analysis
  • Compact but comprehensive documentation in measurement certificates that can be stored digitally and printed
  • Ring calibration data are easy to import and, if necessary, update for product extensions or product checks
  • To reduce general maintenance and space requirements, the software has also been designed for touch screen operation. This eliminates the need for a keyboard and mouse