AspheroCheck® UP - Fully Automated Centration Testing of Aspheres

Measuring tilt of an aspheric surface with the non-contact sensor

Designed for production environments, the AspheroCheck® UP is a measurement system that allows the testing of centration and tilt of aspheric surfaces. It stands out through the complete automation of the measurement process. Proven OptiCentric® measurement technology is integrated for a highly accurate centration testing. The automated positioning of the aspheric sample under test as well as of the non-contact sensor for the off-axis tilt measurement provide the key factors for a fast and precise test result.

Key Features

  • Determination of centration and tilt of aspheric surfaces
  • Automatic alignment of the sample
  • High precision through automatic positioning of non-contact sensor
  • Completely automated measurement allows for the rapid collection of results in less than 1 min per lens
  • High measurement accuracy of 0.1 µm for centration and 0.05 arcmin for tilt
  • Intuitive software that controls the process and documents the test results


Centration and tilt measurement of aspheric surfaces