Laser Rod Test Station

Laser Rod Test Station inspects the quality of the laser rod end surfaces

Surface Tilt and Wavefront Measurement of Laser Rods

The quality of laser rods is mainly influenced by the parallelism of laser rod end surfaces and the homogeneity of the material. Ideally the light beam entering the laser rod should exit without deflection or adding wavefront aberrations.

The Laser Rod Test Station is a high-precision measurement system for the quality control of laser rods. Its horizontal setup allows for an easy load-unload and a precise rotation of the sample which has a length of up to 150 mm. The system measures the tilt of both end surfaces of a laser rod with respect to its outer diameter by use of two autocollimator measurement heads, like they are used with OptiCentric®.

With the integrated WaveSensor®, a Shack-Hartmann sensor, the laser rod can be examined for material defects or wavefront distortions.

Key Features

  • Optimized for laser rods
  • Wavefront and surface tilt measurement with one setup
  • Short measurement and cycle time
  • Easy to use due to intuitive mechanical design and software
  • Surface tilt of the individual surface is directly measured with respect to outer diameter
  • Software supports measurement and analysis


The main parameters to be checked are:

  • The beam deviation through the laser rod, measured in transmission
  • The tilt of optical end surfaces of the laser rod with respect to the outer diameter
  • Transmitted wavefront
  • Material imperfections