MultiCentric® & LensAlign - Multiplies the Efficiency of the Lens Alignment and Cementing Processes

MultiCentric® with LensAlign 2D Standard aligning a pair of lenses
MultiCentric® with LensAlign 2D Standard aligning a pair of lenses

With MultiCentric® and LensAlign lens pairs are quickly and accurately aligned and cemented. The alignment and cementing station is a further development of the well-established OptiCentric® Systems.

Compared to the conventional cementing methods, MultiCentric® with LensAlign reduces the cycle time significantly to less than 10 seconds. This significant improvement is achieved thanks to the innovative measurement head. With the short cycle time the MultiCentric® paves the way to a significant increase in efficiency in the automated high precision alignment and cementing process.

Key Features

  • Short cycle time of less than 10 seconds* for the active alignment of doublets
  • High-precision measurement of centration errors in reflection mode accurate to < 0.1 μm
  • Alignment accuracy with the software OptiCentric® 9 and Align Module better than 2 μm
  • Automated alignment of the center of curvature of the upper lens surface to a customer-defined axis using SmartAlign technology (coaxial alignment)
  • Automated process: measurement, alignment and UV curing are software-controlled
  • Flexible, can be adapted to different lens sizes
  • Based on the well-established OptiCentric® measurement system


The new MultiCentric® measuring head
  • Perfectly suited for the high-volume production of doublets
  • High-precision measurement of centration Errors
  • Automatic active alignment of two lenses
  • Lenses are aligned to the optical axis and can be fixed on the centering machine with the bell clamping method
  • Homogeneous UV curing