OptiCentric® 100/300 Dual - Advanced Centration Measurement of Lenses and Complex Optical Systems

OptiCentric® Dual measuring an objective lens
OptiCentric® Dual measuring an objective lens

TRIOPTICS offers a dual-head instrument series for the alignment and assembly of complex and multi-lens objectives, allowing the simultaneous alignment and measurement of bottom and top lens surfaces. Thus it is possible to determine and align/compensate centration errors of two optical surfaces in real time in both the x and y axis after just one rotation.

This proprietary design dramatically  improves the capabilities of the instrument in the field of lens assembly and measurement of centration errors. The dual head is particularly efficient at measuring multiple lenses with MultiLens in order to determine the centration errors within an assembled optical system.

Key Features

  • Two measurement heads simultaneously determine the centration of the top and bottom surface(s) of the sample
  • Centration measurement within objective lenses (MultiLens Update included)
  • Centration measurement accuracy better 0.1 µm
  • Exchangeable head lenses for virtually unlimited measurement range without the need for inconveniently long stage movements of the measuring head
  • Magnification optimized for every single lens surface
  • Accurate and automated focusing of the measuring heads by motorized linear stages
  • Modular: all accessories are of modular design and fully integrated into the software


Lower measuring head
Lower measuring head

OptiCentric® 100 Dual extends the capabilities of the single head version for the facilitated measurement of

  • complex optical systems
  • infrared optics (OptiCentric® configuration depends on lens material and application)
  • aspherical lenses with AspheroCheck® module: tilt and shift of an aspherical axis
  • cylinder lenses, esp. with two cylindrical surfaces
  • plano optics with OptiAngle®
  • Assembly of optical systems (visual and infrared)