OptiCentric® 101 - The Industry Standard for Lens Centering Taken to the Next Level

OptiCentric® 101 in its two configurations: with moving (left) and static (right) autocollimator.
OptiCentric® 101 in its two configurations: with moving (left) and static (right) autocollimator.

OptiCentric® 101 combines proven concepts with state-of-the-art technologies for optical centration testing as well as manual and automated cementing or bonding of lenses and lens systems. These optimizations resulted in a significant improvement of the azimuth accuracy as well as single shot measurement precision. This overall high quality is paired with outstanding flexibility and improved efficiency.

The OptiCentric® 101 is available in two configurations:

  • Moving autocollimator:
    This classic model, in which the autocollimator travels on-axis, minimizes the impact of the vignetting.
  • Static autocollimator:
    In this variant, the autocollimator is statically positioned above the travel axis. This reduces the effects of the rolling error of the stage and facilitates better determination of the azimuth angle, e.g. during cylindrical lens measurements.

Key Features

  • Centration measurement accuracy better 0.1 µm
  • Large range of software options: MultiLens, AspheroCheck®, SmartAlign
  • Exchangeable head lenses for virtually unlimited measurement range
  • Magnification optimized for every single lens surface
  • Centration measurement in reflection and transmission
  • Accurate automated focusing of the measuring head by motorized linear stage
  • Modular: all accessories are of modular design and fully integrated into the software


  • Efficient measurement of single lenses with rotation device
  • Measuring centration of optical systems with MultiLens Update
  • Measurements of air gaps and center thicknesses by using the OptiCentric® 3D upgrade
  • EFL, Radius, and FFL measurement (Optispheric® upgrade)
  • Characterization of cylinder lenses
  • Measurement of infrared optics (OptiCentric® configuration depends on lens material and application)
  • Angle measurement of plano optics with OptiAngle® Upgrade