OptiCentric® 300/600 UltraPrecision for Highly Accurate Alignment, Assembly and Final Inspection of Large and Heavy Lenses

OptiCentric® 300 Ultraprecision with tool stage for the manual lens
OptiCentric® 300 UltraPrecision with tool stage for the manual lens

The OptiCentric® 300/600 UltraPrecision devices transfer the advantages of the OptiCentric® 100 series to the measurement of large, heavy lens assemblies with a weight of up to 1200 kg and a diameter of 800 mm.

The system‘s design on a granite base provides you with extraordinary rigidity and thermal stability, so that the greatest accuracy is achieved even with slowly curing adhesives.



Key Features

  • Measuring extremely large, heavy lenses with up to 1200 kg weight, max. Ø 800mm, max. height 1500 mm
  • Granite based construction provides exceptional rigidity and thermal stability
  • Linear air bearing with encoder for precise positioning of the upper measurement head
  • Ultra-accurate measurement of lens centering with autocollimation measurement head
  • Exchangeable head lenses for virtually unlimited measurement range without the need for inconveniently long stage movements of the measuring head
  • Measurement in reflection or transmission
  • Large range of software options: MultiLens, AspheroCheck®, SmartAlign
  • Optional center thickness measurement with an accuracy of up to 0.15 µm
  • Second measurement stage below the sample for extended measurement capabilities
  • Fully integrated accessories like tool stage, measuring gauge, glue dispenser, UV illumination
  • Advanced software controls the complete OptiCentric® system


OptiCentric® 3D UltraPrecision system with a VIS-IR measuring head measures an IR lens
OptiCentric® 3D UltraPrecision system with a VIS-IR measuring head measures an IR lens

For large heavy optics in microlithography, space and other industries

  • Measurement centering of optical system with MultiLens Software module
  • Measuring the optical axis with respect to a mechanical axis (e.g. housing axis)
  • Measurement of EFL, BFL, FFL, MTF on axis (OptiSpheric® upgrade)
  • Measurements of air gaps and center thicknesses by using a low-coherence interferometer (OptiCentric® 3D upgrade)
  • Surface radius measurement
  • Measurement of spherical, aspheric, cylinder lenses
  • Measurement of infrared lenses (OptiCentric® UltraPrecision configuration depends on lens material and application)