OptiCentric® 3D 100/300 - Highly Innovative Measurement of Centration and Center Thickness/Air Gap of Optical Systems

OptiCentric® 3D perfect for the inspection of assembled optical systems
OptiCentric® 3D perfect for the inspection of assembled optical systems

The OptiCentric® 3D 100/300 provides an ideal solution for the complete opto-mechanical characterization of assembled optical systems. The two-in-one solution combines OptiCentric® centration error measurement technology with a low-coherence interferometer called OptiSurf®, measuring the air gaps between lens surfaces and the center thicknesses of lenses within the optical system.

The cross-interaction of both measurement systems provides a significant increase of the overall measurement accuracy and detailed manufacturing quality information.

Key Features

  • Accuracy of centration measurement better than 0.1 µm; accuracy of air gap/center thickness measurement up to 0.15 µm
  • Centration measurement within objective lenses (MultiLens Update included)
  • Large range of software options: AspheroCheck®, SmartAlign
  • Exchangeable head lenses for virtually unlimited measurement range without the need for inconveniently long stage movements of the measuring head
  • Magnification optimized for every single lens surface
  • Accurate and automated focusing of the measuring head by motorized linear stage
  • Modular: all accessories are of modular design and fully integrated into the software


OptiCentric 3D 100 Dual
OptiCentric 3D 100 Dual
  • Perfect for the manufacturing of optical assemblies: simultaneous control of centration and air gap parameters
  • Full opto-mechanical qualification of assembled optical systems
  • Measurement of plano optics
  • Measurement of cylinder lenses
  • Measurement of EFL, Radius, FFL (OptiSpheric® update)
  • Measurement of spherical/ aspherical lenses
  • Measurement of infrared optics (OptiCentric®/OptiSurf® configuration depending on lens material and application)