OptiCentric® UltraPrecision Bonding - Accurate Lens Alignment and Bonding of Large Heavy Lenses into a Cell

OptiCentric® UltraPrecision with frame for the semi-automated bonding process
OptiCentric® UltraPrecision with frame for the semi-automated bonding process

Semi-automated bonding is the optimum choice for higher volume production tasks.

OptiCentric® UltraPrecision is upgraded for semi-automatic bonding with a frame containing all bonding and measurement equipment. All tools are fully integrated and software-controlled for an efficient lens alignment and bonding process.

Key Features

  • Alignment accuracy better than 2 µm
  • SmartAlign Software for the precise alignment in non-centered housings
  • All bonding and measurement tools are integrated on a motorized frame
  • Automated and precise height adjustment of the bonding frame for stepwise assembly of optics up to 1.5m height
  • Highly efficient process because time consuming exchange of alignment and bonding devices is not needed
  • Based on OptiCentric® UltraPrecision for the measurement of large and heavy lenses
  • Manual coarse positioning of the alignment tools, automatic and precise alignment of the lens in the cell
  • Alignment of the optics with three linear actuators in one step
  • Advanced software controls the complete OptiCentric® Bonding System including measurement, SmartAlign calculations, alignment, glue bonding and UV curing
  • Contactless measurement of lens and housing parameters


  • Characterization of a complete lens assembly
  • Assembly of large and heavy lenses for micro lithography, space or other industries
  • Assembly of IR optics