Focusing Autocollimator

The reticles of a focusing Autocollimator (focusing Autocollimation telescope) can be moved out of the focal plane of the objective lens so that  the autocollimator can be focused at finite distances and the beam becomes divergent (producing a virtual image) or convergent (real image).The shape of the beam -convergent or divergent-depends on the direction in which the reticles are moved.

Key Features

  • Variable focus adjustment with finite distance setting
  • TRIOPTICS offers autocollimators with different focal lengths depending on the application
  • Optionally with reticle changer (RC), filter changer (FC), or with reticle and filter changer (RC/FC)
  • Available with straight or 90° angled viewing position
  • Wide range of standard reticles and production of custom reticles if required
  • The collimators can be equipped with a dual micrometer screw for shifting the reticle (optionally with digital display)




  • Measuring tasks with different wavelengths
  • Angle measurement in optical components
  • Measurement of wedge and deflection angles
  • Measurement of centration errors