Optitest® Upgrades & Accessories

In addition to the Optitest® collimators, telescopes and autocollimators, TRIOPTICS offers a large range of opto-mechanical accessories, often required for certain standard applications.


Adustable holder
Adustable holder

Clamp fixture:

  • Clamp fixture D38
  • Clamp fixture D57
  • Clamp fixture D115

Adjustable holders:

  • Adjustable holder D38
  • Adjustable holder D57
  • Adjustable holder D115
  • Adjustable holder D140

V-Prism (magnetic prism):

  • V-Prism (magnetic prism) D20-D50
  • V-Prism (magnetic prism) D50-D150


  • Manual Stand for D38
  • Manual Stand for D57
  • fixture for wedge measurement
  • Stand




45° deflecting mirrors
45° deflecting mirrors

Mirrors and optical flats in mount:

  • Mirrors in mount D38/D57
  • Mirrors in mount D115/D140
  • Optical flat in mount for D38/D57
  • Optical flat in mount for D115/D140

Adjustable mirrors and optical flats in mount:

  • Adjustable mirrors for D38/D57
  • Adjustable mirrors for D115/D140
  • Adjustable optical flat for D38/D57
  • Ground plate
  • Ground plate with stop bar

Deflecting mirror

  • 45° deflecting mirror for D38
  • 45° deflecting mirror for D57
  • 45° deflecting mirror for D115
  • Penta Prism 50mm +/-1´ in holder
  • Master Penta Prism in holder, Aperture 1  3/4 inch x 1 7/8 inch
  • Master Penta Prism in holder, Aperture 1  3/4 inch x 1 7/8 inch
  • 90 degree optical square with adjustable mount

Alignment tools

Laser prealignment tool:

  • Laser prealignment tool D57
  • Laser prealignment tool D115/D140

Viewfinder prism:

  • Viewfinder prism

Calibration tools

12 sided polygon
12 sided polygon

Reference prism:

  • 90° reference prism in mount


  • Polygon 12 sides in holder, 5 second accuracy

Calibration wedges:

  • Calibration wedge 10 arcmin
  • Calibration wedge for TriAngle UltraSpec 10 arcmin, with integrated band-pass filter

Other accessories

  • Tool for rotary axis measurement
  • precision level
  • remote control for TA