Collimator with infinity setting
Collimator with infinity setting

The Collimator is an optical instrument consisting of a well corrected objective lens with an illuminated reticle at its focal plane.

The emerging beam is parallel (collimated beam), so that the image of the reticle is projected at infinity. The collimator is usually set up in this way known as infinity adjustment (setting).

Key Features

  • The image of the reticle is projected into infinity at a wavelength of 546 nm (other wavelengths also available on request)
  •  The distance between reticle and objective lens is fixed
  • TRIOPTICS offers collimators with different focal lengths depending on the application.
  • Optionally with reticle changer (RC), filter changer (FC), or with reticle and filter changer (RC/FC) 
  • Wide range of standard reticles and production of custom reticles if required
  • The collimators can be equipped with a dual micrometer screw for shifting the reticle (optionally with digital display)


several different collimators
several different collimators

In combination with a telescope, the following measurements can be performed:

  • Angle measurement
  • Measurement of optical parameters (e.g. effective focal length, centration errors)
  • Testing the infinite setting of optical systems