Large Field Collimators

To meet customer requirements for testing optical instruments with large field of view, TRIOPTICS developed a new and unique line of collimators providing a significant increase of field of view.

Key Features

  • 50 to 100% larger field of view in comparison to standard collimators
  • The image of the reticle is projected to infinity
  • TRIOPTICS offers collimators with different focal lengths depending on the application.
  • Optionally with reticle changer (RC), or with reticle and filter changer (RC/FC)
  • Wide range of standard reticles and production of custom reticles if required
  • The collimators can be equipped with a dual micrometer screw for shifting the reticle (optionally with digital display)


Several different collimators
Several different collimators

In combination with a telescope, the following measurements can be performed:

  • Angle measurement
  • Measurement of optical parameters (e.g. effective focal length, centration errors)
  • Testing the infinite setting of optical systems