Industrial Telescope

The  Industrial Telescope  is preset to infinity  and  images an object at a far distance into the image plane of the objective lens.
The image is then magnified and visually inspected by an eyepiece. For measurement purposes usually a graduated reticle is located in the image plane. The magnification of the Industrial Telescope is given by the ratio of the objective focal length and the eyepiece focal length.

Key Features

  • The image is at an infinite or very large distance
  • TRIOPTICS offers industrial telescopes with different focal lengths depending on the application
  • Available with straight or 90° angled viewing position (Link to PDF: More information on viewing direction in industrial telescopes)
  • Optionally the industrial telescopes can be equipped with dual micrometers (link to PDF with more explanation and drawing).
  • Optionally with reticle changer (RC) (to expand: more information about reticle changer)


Several Telescopes
Several Telescopes

In combination with a telescope, the following measurements can be performed:

  • Angle measurement
  • Measurement of optical parameters (e.g. effective focal length, centration errors)
  • Testing the infinite setting of optical systems