WaveMaster® Compact 2 - Ideal for the Wavefront Measurement of Single Lenses as Part of Quality Assurance

WaveMaster® Compact 2 for Shack-Hartmann based wavefront measurement
WaveMaster® Compact 2 for Shack-Hartmann based wavefront measurement

WaveMaster® Compact 2 is used for research and development as well as in quality control of plano, spherical and aspherical optics. It is a precise instrument that operates according to the Shack-Hartmann principle. Handling is easy and allows quick measurements.

Key Features

  • Fast and easy adaptation for change of different sample types, exchangeable imaging telescopes in kinematic mount
  • High measurement speed enables high sample throughput
  • High precision two axes alignment sample holder for submicron position adjustment.
  • Alignment compensation: Only minimum amount of sample alignment necessary when measuring series of samples
  • High measurement accuracy of up to λ/20
  • Automatic focusing of the light source
  • Automatic positioning of the wavefront sensor and the telescope in the exit pupil
  • Real time comparison with wavefront data from master lenses or design files
  • Point light source with different numerical apertures available (up to 0.95)
  • Vibration insensitive
  • Comprehensive software


The WaveMaster® Compact 2 uses its built-in Shack-Hartmann sensor to determine the following parameters: 

  • Measurement of the wavefront (PV, RMS)
  • Determination of the Zernike coefficients
  • Measurement of the Point Spread Function (PSF)
  • Measurement of the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
  • Measurement of the Strehl ratio
  • Wedge angle