WaveMaster® Field – Comprehensive off-axis wavefront measurement

Off-axis wavefront measurement with the WaveMaster® Field
Off-axis wavefront measurement with the WaveMaster® Field

In particular with wide-angle lenses, high-quality imaging of off-axis objects is key. Here, mere on-axis wavefront measurements are often not sufficient because high field angles are not taken into account. Therefore, TRIOPTICS offers a solution to cover this application: WaveMaster® Field.

The WaveMaster® Field was explicitly designed for use in research and development. The system enables both the comprehensive measurement of samples across their entire field of view at field angles up to 60° and a subsequent in-depth analysis. Individual incident angles and wavelengths can be flexibly adjusted in just a few steps to simulate changing lighting conditions. Adaptations to different samples can be made just as easily.

Key Features

  • Wavefront measurement at field angles of up to 60°
  • Quick measurement speed enables high sample throughput
  • Fast and easy adaptation for different sample types due to exchangeable imaging telescopes in a kinematic mount
  • High-precision sample holder for alignment in the submicron range
  • Only minimum amount of sample alignment necessary when measuring series of samples
  • Real time comparison between wavefront data and master lenses or design values
  • Comprehensive measurement and analysis software


The WaveMaster® Field uses its built-in Shack-Hartmann sensor to determine the following parameters on- and off-axis for wide-angle lenses: 

  • Measurement of the wavefront (PV, RMS)
  • Determination of the Zernike coefficients
  • Measurement of the Point Spread Function (PSF)
  • Measurement of the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
  • Measurement of the Strehl ratio
  • Measurement of the Effective Focal Length (EFL)