WaveMaster® IOL 2 - Mapping of Intraocular Lenses Using Wavefront Measurement

The WaveMaster® IOL 2 with single lens holder for measurement of IOLs in-air
The WaveMaster® IOL 2 with single lens holder for measurement of IOLs in-air

Based on wavefront analysis WaveMaster® IOL 2 measures key parameters of refractive monofocal and toric, spherical or aspherical intraocular lenses using the WaveSensor®, TRIOPTICS' well established Shack-Hartmann sensor. Thus, it is used in research and development as well as in production. Measurement parameters like the refractive power, aberrations and modulation transfer function are calculated by analyzing the wavefront which is obtained in a quick measurement process. Additionally, fully automated measurement of toric lenses (MTF in both meridians, marker recognition) is supported. All aspects of  the measurements in-air or in-situ are arranged in a new intutuitively usable interface that guides the user through the process.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose measurement system for quality control of all common refractive intraocular lenses: monofocal, toric, spherical and aspherical
  • Wavefront measurement permits complete power mapping
  • Power measurement with accuracies as low as one third of the allowed tolerances stated in ISO provide confidence in target achievement.
  • Measurement of hydrophobic and hydrophilic lenses in air or in the optionally heatable in-situ eye model as per ISO 11979
  • Fully automated and user-independent determination of lens refractive power (sphere and cylinder), aberrations, MTF (also for toric samples), PSF and toric axis deviation
  • Zernike fit with user-specific coefficients, analysis of the detected wavefront in real time and display of the results in numbers and graphics
  • Automated MTF measurement in both principlal sections of toric IOLs
  • Fully automated determination of axis deviation for toric lenses between the optical and the marked toric axis
  • Integrated live camera for marker recognition and visual inspection with respect to the lens's manufacturing quality
  • Mask diameters adjustable to specific samples in accordance with required resolution and dynamics


Lens holder on positioning table
Lens holder on positioning table

Analyzing the wavefront of an IOL for testing the quality and measuring the key parameters of IOLs by using Shack-Hartmann technology

Measurement of:

  • Wavefront of monofocal and toric lenses in-air or in-situ
  • Refractive power (sphere, cylinder)
  • Lens aberrations of lower and higher orders (Zernike analysis)
  • Modulation transfer function (MTF)
  • Point spread function (PSF)
  • Strehl ratio
  • Toric axis deviation and marker orientation